Survival Kit

Nothing is more aggravating then seeing all those ads for a survival kit and realizing once you buy it you had at least half the stuff in your home already.  So this section will help you have what should be included and highlight the ones that you probably have extras of sitting in the back of a cabinet somewhere.

Even if we are not talking about the complete annihilation of the world it could be the complete annihilation of your personal world.  It took Katrina victims weeks to all be “saved”, and some never did go back to the world they had known.  So as zany as this blog is about how it happens the truth is it can and does happen to everyday people.

Temporary Survival Kit

Also don’t forget to check back with this page periodically as it will be updated and change to reflect anything that is added to on the blog.  Like the fact that a large towel can double as a light blanket.


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