Wondering what this is all about are you? Good

 Ignorance is not bliss and will get you killed when the end of the world comes.

Empress Joy

This has been started as a blog because even though I believe in self-reliance as an everyday goal, I know that it can be the difference between life and death in certain situations.  So I have researched and studied for the past twenty years on finding solutions and cures for everyday needs and ailments that can be found easily enough and without the need of a pipeline of supplies from your local big box store. Now somethings will be easier to start while there is an easy supply but they can be maintained with little to no supplies.

With that in mind I believe that being prepared does not mean having that 5 gallon tote of supplies sitting in your basement.  While that is admiral the supplies can go bad and really it is a waste of what little resources you have if it is never used or worse yet cannot be replaced once used up.  So here I am going to help you see that survival is not about the short term of getting through whatever event befalls you, but to continue on without feeling as though you wished you had not made it.

As stories are the way we entertain I decided that looking at ways the human race will eventually find its doom as a fun way to look at our survival needs.  Each post will look at different prophecies on just how we eventually find our doom. At the end of each post there will be some supplies I suggest you have in order to make the day after life as we know it ends a little easier to bare.


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