Cars and Jack Niches

Posted: April 25, 2016 in In the Car, Survival Kit, Tools of the Trade

Looking around the cargo space of my CUV (another downsize of my simplified life) I was amazed at all the space I had free. While logic dictates that you should be trolling around with your boot empty, its not really a smart choice for the kinemortophobic, someone who fears zombies, in us all.

What amazed me was what I have stored in all the little niches and pockets that were designed to hold things that so needed to be upgraded from the manufactures kind inclusions.  This post would be long enough to put you to sleep even during a zombie apocalypse if I listed everything, so today is just about the jack cabinet.

The jack is a prime example of what any hopeful survivalist should replace if they have a prayer of making it should the dead rise form their graves, or they get a flat on some deserted highway during a blizzard. Have you seen that small flimsy thing that passes for a cure all if you should have a flat tire? I remove the included version and replace it with a 2 ton or better upgrade, which fits nicely in the spare wheel compartment with the full size spare. This gives me a nice cubby to store goodies without taking up much needed luggage space for when fleeing for your life with just what you can carry.

My staple that claims the first space is a Leatherman wave multi-tool, because you need to be able to saw through a 2 x 4 in 30 seconds or less in an emergency (as proven by Adam from Mythbusters, see 29:45 in the below video). Tire sealant, not only due to the fact that when escaping from a hungry hoard of shufflers you don’t have time for a tire change, but because if you can get someone else to do it why not? Six emergency blankets, I always match seating to blankets and water kept in the vehicle.  A full size Philips head and flat head screw drivers, a small, but heavy, ball-peen hammer round out the converted tool cabinet. The last insert is a magnesium fire starter keychain that I keep as a standby, my lighter I keep stored well away from flammable contents in the glove box.

After the tools are organized for maximum use of space, I cram protein and energy bars to fill in any empty spots. Depending on your individual space that can be as little as one to a half dozen. Since this sits on the outside of my car near the wheels I make sure that nothing that can freeze or melt is in the ingredients. They may be dry as sand because of that, but in a dire situation they taste like nirvana itself.

After just revamping this one corner of my cargo hold, I have all the tools I need to deal with most everyday emergencies that can occur on the road. That I can also build a shelter, make fire, and fashion a couple of weapons, all  without going hungry, should something a little more Earth shattering occur just makes the pessimist in me smile.



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