Holy Cow Patties!

Posted: August 13, 2015 in Editorial

I was cleaning up all my old writings and found a little note to myself about my relaxing writings here. Hmmm Zombies, the End of the World and living like today is the last day of retail torture in the good ol’ U.S.A. I’m so excited!

Okay excited and the end of civilization as we know it shouldn’t be in the same thought, but what can I say I’m one strange duck in a pond of dressed up swans. After all my day job is writing romance and erotica, yet this is where my heart of hearts beats the hardest. Get me talking about self-sufficiency and b-rated zombie feast and I am on cloud nine just waiting for my chance to use the flat nut wrench the size of my arm I have mounted next to my office door.

That's one big wrench

Yup this baby will twist a head right off a zombie or two!

Seeing how my romantic muse likes to run off for a night (or dozen) I decided it was kismet that I found this again. Nothing will clear the mushy HEA (happily Ever After) doldrums like a good roll in the muck. So be ready for tidbits about my garden, ingenuity I found perusing Amish country, and just about anything I can think of to report from my life here in the mountains of Ohio.

About the cow patties, all were dried eco-friendly with Mr. Sunshine and then donated to a local bonfire. Believe me  after the first hour or so you can barely smell them anymore, but the BTU output is amazing :P.


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