Plan(t)ing Ahead

Posted: March 13, 2012 in Foods, The End
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Being able to have a ready supply of food is an important survival need.  Now you can have tons, and I do mean tons of ready made packaged food but besides it usually tasting like the packaging they come in, they are only a temporary measure at best and a slow death sentence at worst.  That is not to say that the food is going to kill you but watching a dwindling supply off food will make people do things they come to regret and increase the stress of already living on the edge. So of course the simple solution is to know how to grow food, not as simple as it sounds sorry to say.

About this time of year the plant catalogs  are rolling in both digital and physical so planning this year gardens is top of my list.  It won’t be as easy as it has been as I have moved to not only a new home but a new zone so it will be research intensive for a few more weeks.  Also I am reminded that it took years to get my gardens not only in the perfect locations but yielding just what I needed and wanted. Thinking on that it seemed important for those of you who are either planning on digging in or have a safe haven already set aside to get to know what can and cannot be grown there. Research will only get you so far as each plot is different in soil, water, shade and sun conditions so actual investigation, if not an outright trial is important. Now for those of you who wish your endeavors to be under the radar there are some nice gadgets that can test the soil and sun for your chosen spots. There are sun calculators to let you know the amount of sun a spot gets and soil testers, both chemical and electronic, that can give you a good idea of what can be grown in your chosen area.

There are also clues in what is currently growing in that spot. For swampy areas look for willows, any species, as a good indication.  Wet but not marshy will have birch trees growing tall and proud. An indication of well drained soil will be home to hearty  hickory and apple.  As you can see after some intense studying you could be able to look at the plot you are interested in and have a good idea whether to test for more accurate results. This will be a helpful skill for after the fall of civilization as testing supplies may be in short supply, if available at all.

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The book “Homesteading in the 21st Century” by George Nash and Jane Waterman is a good guide to have for an inclusive look of homesteading starting with finding a location through what to do with it and how being self-reliant now can be a fulling lifestyle.  This book is not about survival in the event of a doomsday event but for living in the world today. This type of lifestyle will have little upheaval when a crisis occurs, so it’s a good goal for those of us preparing for the end. Plus books such as this are a great addition to any library you are keeping as growing food yourself is really the only long term solution if you don’t want to spend the rest of your days hunting and scavenging to just get by.

Tip of the Day the closer to self-reliant you are today the easier your life will be when the world ends.


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