Even 80s Movies Can Teach Us Something

Posted: February 10, 2012 in Comet, Cosmic, Movies, Survival, The End
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A nice 80s mix or comedy, romance, zombies, and the end of the world

Found an old, and admittedly cheesy, movie on the television and was amazed that even in the best style of the unrealistic 80s plot line there could be solid doomsday advice to be found. Now the sound advice may only pop up in unexpected scenes of imaginative grandeur that was the hallmark of the time, but if it was there.  Plus if you have to think about different ways the end of the world can come about you might as well do it while laughing your way through memory lane, or if to young for that seeing what we once thought was cool. This movie was actually one of my favorites when it came out, so that tells you I am older then some, and that my taste has hopefully improved with time.

Now one of the first and few logical parts of the story is that the two main characters, sisters, had defensive and small arms training from their military father.  That lends some credence of them, while only teenagers, being able to defend themselves and having access to  firearms.  That is the first advice that the movie can give anyone preparing for the end of the world.  Know how to defend yourself. It is basic and is a skill that everyone can benefit from in their everyday lives.  The first step to not being a victim is to know that you can handle yourself if trouble finds you.  That does not mean you need to be a human weapon, but knowing some basics defensive moves can help you better defend yourself. If you think you don’t have any knowledge in this check your local community centers and colleges for course that are usually cost effective and designed to fit into a busy schedule.

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My personal favorite is T’ai chi ch’uan, though commonly touted as an exercise and meditation regiment in the West, it is a martial art.  There are schools out there that teach the martial art version, the simplified difference is that they explain and focus on how each movement can be used to defend yourself. I embraced this because not only can it be used for defending myself, it has shown many health and mental benefits from its use. You can learn this from a DVD such as the one to the right but personal instruction is best as form is important to reap the best health, mental, and  defensive boon for you.  Even if you just use T’ai chi, as it is best known in America, as an exercise it requires nothing but enough space to move, so can be used anywhere, anytime and is extremely budget friendly.  Though I must admit that there was nothing as graceful as this used in The Night of the Comet.

The next thing they did to was to try and find other survivors by going to a radio station.  They used that to broadcast where they were and how to contact them.  Communication with other survivors is an important key to doing more then basic survival after the end of the world comes.  We as humans are social animals and surviving alone or in a small group will add problems later on. So have a plan on how you plan to connect after the world has turned into a free for all.  Some preppers have their survival group picked out ahead of time so that they know and trust the individuals they will be rebuilding their lives with.

So you need to come up with a safe way for you to “broadcast” that you are a survivor and a safe way for you to be contacted.  Short wave radio has always been a choice as it does not require outside equipment, such as satellites or phone lines, to be used. I have fond memories of sitting with my father as he talked on it during his nights off.  Most plans do not include this part as they are more concerned with listening for when help arrives using the radio  and listening for emergency broadcasts or holing up in a remote location until the world rights itself.  I feel that including how to be contacted is also essential for long term survival as you wouldn’t want your world to be rebuilt without you being in on it.

Today’s tip is know how to defend yourself and have a plan to connect with other survivors after the world begins again.


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