A New Series, only 318 Days to Enjoy It

Posted: February 7, 2012 in Editorial, In the News, Survival, TV
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National Geographic Channel will be premiering a new series at 7pm et/pt tonight that is right up our escape route. Called Doomsday Preppers it is a chance for everyday Americans who’s hobby is preparing for the end of the world to find out of they will be as successful as they think. Now I haven’t seen the show but the previews looks promising, so I will be tuning in.

The idea of having an expert check out your supplies and plans sounds great but goes against my paranoia of anyone else knowing what I am doing.  So I will be enjoying watching others and their ideas of what is necessary but I won’t be signing up any time soon to have my plans and supplies audited by anyone.  Also for those of us who do prepare for the end it will be nice to see where the line is said to be between hoarding and preparing.

Hoarding sounds impossible when you are trying to be ready for any scenario, but anything that causes hardship on your day to day life can be hurting your survival for when disaster strikes. If you have food saved for five years and they have a five year shelf life you will be eating and replacing your supplies on a daily basis, or worst yet throwing away your expired supplies only to replace them. That is not survival preparing that is hoarding.  Yes have a long term supply if you don’t have a garden plot already outside or need to do some training on wild plants and animals that are easy to get.  But plan on getting that training and planting a tomato plant in a plot on your porch can help you learn to care for plants if you have never done it.

Long term survival cannot be dependent on having everything you need stored in a warehouse hidden in your basement. Long term survival is about preparing your knowledge for the time when your supplies are used up. Also if you have to leave your supplies or they are ruined, stolen, or destroyed being ready with only your short term supplies is something everybody needs to think about. Though having long term supplies sure makes the building of a new beginning easier and more enjoyable.

So finding the line between hoarding and prepping is a personal line. Anything that causes hardship on everyday living, such as you use all your extra resources to buy things that are future needs, needs to be looked at. Not just once but periodically to make sure you are so worried about the future that you forgot about the present.  If you never enjoy what is in your life today why work so hard to save it.  This is a balancing act that is as personal as it is global.  Don’t forget to live today as you prepare for tomorrow or you may have nothing worth saving when the world ends.


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