Don’t Forget the Gum, or Gums

Posted: February 6, 2012 in Natura Remedies, Survival, Survival Kit, Toothpaste
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When looking at your temporary and long term survival supplies have you taken your oral health into account. Oral health is extremely important as it can not only lead to temporary pain but serious health complications that may not be able to be handled during or after a crisis.

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There are many stories of once great leaders that were brought low by something as mundane as a toothache, or the treatment that was done to alleviate it. Teeth can and will abscess if not taken care of because of something as simple as a minute  piece of food getting stuck between your teeth and migrating into the gums. There the body does what it does to any foreign body in the skin it makes a pocket and fills it with puss to expel it.  Only in the mouth it usually, if not always, turns rancid due to the bacteria always present in your mouth. This can be a death sentence as it will eventually leak into the blood stream and kill you. If you are thinking you’ll just pop it think again, as that may poison you through your digestive tract.  That is not taking in account that heart disease and some forms of diabetes have been shown to originate or be inflamed due to poor mouth hygiene.

So in the end your continued health could all hang on did you pack your toothbrush, floss, and mouthwash. Hard fruit and sugar-free gum can be a help for times you don’t have time or opportunity to brush, but they are not a replacement. Sage and thyme leaves as a replacement for both the brush and the toothpaste is an ancient remedy. There are mixtures of charcoal, eggplant, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda that can be used with a frayed end of a twig or root too.

So if you can’t store years worth of toothpaste in your knapsack then knowing these alternatives is essential. I found a lovely article with multiple recipes here and encourage you to take a look if you don’t already know them.

Survival Tip for the day Don’t Forget to Brush as you run from the zombies, aliens, or even the girl next door!


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