2 for 1 or is it a 3 for 1….

Posted: January 30, 2012 in Editorial, Survival Kit, The End
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Yes yes I know it was a little sketchy of a title but I can’t make them all sound mysterious and intriguing without being a little vague at the same time.  For today we are going to discuss what everyone including even the most unrealistic movies, books, and FEMA has suggested that you have a bookbag prepacked.  It should be in an easily accessible place that is  already filled with the most minimal supplies, such as water, dried food, first aid, and if room maybe a clean pair of socks, if not a complete outfit. Ideally there should be a bag per person in your home to make things easier all around, yes even the children can start carrying some of their own needs. A good metric for when a child can carry is if they are old enough to start school then what is the difference between books and supplies, I would just advise making it something novelty and colorful to make it easy to keep an eye on them when traveling.

An emergency backpack filled with supplies

These things can be heavy and awkward if you are not used to them leaving, you at a disadvantage

Now since this is old news and so accepted that even B rated entertainment shows our survivors carrying a backbag let’s get onto what this is really about.  How is this a 2 or even 3 for 1 deal?  Easy you use the pack not just for survival but for hiking or even when visiting the local outlets looking for the best deal on some new supplies.  Anytime you are going to be walking for a while it is great to have everyone wear their packs.  This is a way to get used to the weight because you don’t want these essentials to be a burden that slows you down in an emergency.

Here is the great part of the deal.  How many times have you been out and you or someone with you decided that this the best time to fall down and scrape, cut, break, or hurt something?  If you have young children that can be most times, with your packs handy it will be a great way to get used to dealing with these little crisis on the spot while gaining experience using the first aid.  You or one of your party the one who can’t seem to eat without feeding their clothes too, then guess what a quick run to the restroom at the end of the meal and all is well again.  These packs hold what we believe is essential to survival it makes sense that they have everyday uses also.

Some would say but if you use it everyday it won’t be ready when you need it.  That is the beauty of it there is no need to rotate supplies out of your bags because you will be refilling whatever is used as it is used, so you will be familiar with expiration dates and clothing sizes more than the once a year that some of us check our existing supplies. Also by wearing the bags often you will be accustom to the fit and weight so it will not slow you down, and the odds of leaving it behind are lower because it is already part of leaving your home and/or car already.

The third part is that while learning to wear your pack you will be burning more calories and building muscle, which for almost everyone out there is one of their resolutions. So not only are you training your mind about how to use your pack and to remember it when the time comes you are training your body to be a better instrument for your survival.

Today’s tip wear and use your emergency packs as often as possible.  DO NOT FORGET TO REFILL AFTER USE!


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