Great star will blaze for seven days

Michel de Nastredame (1503-1566)

Yes 2012 is so famous that the prophet Nostradamus has been said to have foretold of our demise through a “great star will blaze for seven days”, which I don’t know about you but that sounds like we will be baking to our end in this one.  This could mean an asteroid, meteor, or some other sort of cosmic event.  Or it could just be someone getting trigger happy with all those nukes we have lying around, in which case forget seeing the sun for a few years. Now of course just because most of the world bakes this doesn’t mean some of us won’t survive if we hide in the deepest cave we can find during that time and happen to fill it with an ark of our future needs.

The good news with this one is something that hot should be enough to put the whole climate change debate into the yes category, probably by all the naysayer being dead. The bad news is our atmosphere could have been burned away and then forget about anyone surviving, but we are going with just a regular bake for this one. So our best guess is that just a majority of life will be gone.

So what do we do once we decide to venture from our chosen cave or bomb shelter?  We start looking for good soil and water to plant our heirloom seeds and corral our chosen livestock.  Now I know not everyone can store livestock but seeds and some spices are small and easy enough to fit into anyone’s stash. If our electric grids have been fried and it’s still a little warm from the blistering Earth took then salt will become worth it’s weight in gold, and probably worth considerably more. So be sure to have at least an industrial sized bag of salt stored in your long term survival kit with a few extra bottle of your favorite spices.

When looking for the seeds of your favorite foods, make sure they are heirloom variety only or you will just get the initial crop from them.  Most commercially available seeds are inert and the seeds from the plants they produce will not be viable. Heirloom varieties will produce viable seeds, they are slightly more expensive up front but being able to harvest seed when you can’t run to the store is definitely worth it.

May we suggest sunflower seeds as a wonderful addition as they can leach arsenic, lead, and uranium from the soil.  They have already been used to clear water of cesium-137 and strontium-90 after a nuclear disaster.

Today’s survival needs are heirloom seeds and salt.


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