Doomsday as a Plague

Posted: January 25, 2012 in Plague, Survival, The End
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One of the many ways our civilization can come to a quick end, as well as most of the population, is through a plague. Now the plague for purpose of this article is one of nature’s design, not one of those hyped up by the modern bio-tech industry (we’ll get to that one later ;-)).

So one day it is noticed that all those poor people in the slums of your local city has gotten some kind of deadly virus that leaves them dripping in germs that they were nice enough to share through their daily menial jobs as janitors, toll providers, fast food prepares, shipping clerks, and any of the millions of low income, high manual jobs that help a city to run.  When you think about the amount of people that touch something you buy in any store, be it food or products, the ick factor can increase exponentially. So since you aren’t thinking of moving to a commune anytime soon what can the average person do to be ready for if this happens to a city or country near you?

A movie from across the pond that shows that to let the dead die is the same as killing yourself in the end.

In the land of the infected, the immune man is king.

Stop being so clean in your everyday life is the first step.  I am not advocating becoming a cartoon character that has dirt following you around or making your home look like a runner up for the Clean House series.  We have been taught that all dirt is bad and is a sure sign that we are not great caretakers of either ourselves or those we love.  The fact that most homes are as clean as your local operating room, in some cases cleaner, is not healthy.  If the body has nothing to combat then your immune system is asleep, if not in a coma, from having nothing to do.  Living is a dirty job and our bodies were designed to deal with that.

Studies have shown that children growing up in too sterile of an environment have health issues, such as asthma.  If the child is not introduced to germs and bacteria when their immune system is developing then they won’t have the tools to fight even common germs with when they are older.  That is why even though my husband and I term public schools as germ factories on a bio-hazard level we still  willingly send our children in.  After 1st grade the drop off in sick days was telling as their bodies could now handle common virus without making them “sick” (sick is a relative term and we only use that when fever is present or a symptom is enough to interfere with everyday well being).

This is especially important if there is to be a break down in modern medicine due to a plague. If your body has been fighting the local germs all along it should, yes we said should because there is no guarantees in life except that you will die, be up to the task of fighting off the infection, or at least working enough that you live through it.

And don’t forget the aspirin or the soap in your first aid kit!


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