What’s in a Name….

Posted: January 24, 2012 in Aliens, Survival, Towel
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“A towel is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have”

The Hitchhiker’s Guide

Yes, our name came from the infamous Hitchhikers Series by Douglas Adams.  I have to admit to having the hardcopy sitting on my desk.  I have read, listen to and even watched this delightful story about how the world ends and then begins again.  While it can be pretty far out there, such as a cow asking to be eaten, it still shows that given the right tools, a towel of course, anyone can survive anywhere if they have the will to do so, or were just brought along for the ride.

I find the story of aliens destroying our beloved planet on the extreme end of ways the world will end.  As it has been foretold it would probably be one of the hardest to survive from as any species that can destroy a planet is something us as modern day people would still be on the losing end of.  Does that mean give in and just let it happen, of course not.  That is why our towel is always ready and we chose a nice deep blue so that it can double as a royal cape when the need occurs.  You won’t get anywhere with the aliens if you are going to cruise around pretending to be a regular human.  No you have to imbue the knowledge  that you and anyone with you maybe the last of us and in so you are the royalty you were always meant to be.

In this fantasy story the most important object that is needed to start you on the road to survival is a towel.  So is this miracle object really any good in a survival situation?  YES, just don’t expect it to get you on a ride on the nearest starliner.

A towel has numerous uses, though the ability is greatly adjusted on the quality and size. A standard towel will work for drying you off and a small cover, also it can help increase your flexibility. Now I personally favor the beach towel or bath sheet size for a survivor toolbox.  These rugged and large towels can be used as wind and sun shields, blankets, picking up something hot, drying, ground cover, a dress/skirt, a wet towel can filter fumes, and of course our favorite a cape.  Now I know the limited space assigned for the towel can be a problem so the best bet is to pack them in one of those watertight compression bags so that it will take as little space as possible and won’t get damp before you need it.


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